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Be healthy enough to live a life that you enjoy


Welcome to Stronger Mind and Body Seacliff small group fitness training where we understand that your goals are unique, and that your progress towards them will be too. Some weeks you’ll go all in, giving 100%, some days you might feel like you can only give 50%. Some days you might not come at all. We get it. It’s not all about getting fit enough to run a marathon or lift the heaviest weight. It’s about being healthy enough to live a life that you enjoy.

When you work out with us, we know that it will feel the way it should, like the experience has been made just for you.

It will be fun, yet challenging, in a supportive, community environment. It will be training with a small group of like-minded people where you will get motivation and accountability to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The training will be at your own pace, aimed at improving your fitness and also boosting your wellbeing, confidence and happiness.

Making friends and being part of a team also helps you to keep coming back for more, along with losing fat and gaining strength under the guidance of our skilled trainers.

Although this is group training your progress will be individual and unique based on the level you wish to commit. Want to attend 5 sessions a week? Great! Can only find time to attend twice a week? That’s ok too.


Building a community and making
lasting supportive friendships



Coaching from a motivated trainer experienced in strength and mobilty training

Confidence in strength

Increase confidence as you begin to move better and feel stronger

Steve has started his own small class groups at the new Community Centre on Kauri Parade. I have returned to training after a knee operation and found Steve to be an excellent trainer. The groups are small but interactive and each session is totally different to the last. He adapts the training to suit each person and provides excellent guidance and feedback. He uses technology well so you can see your own work rate and improvements.
I would highly recommend Steve and training.

Kevin Rowley

Fantastic, small classes that support you in gaining strength and fitness and personalised to your needs. 3 weeks in and feeling stronger & fitter than I have in years. Personable trainer who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Liz Rowley

having a ball

Some times we need to play and sometimes we need to work and that’s what we do here at stronger mind and body training, mixing these to elements we learn how to move better and enjoy using that movement.

give yourself a hand

Come and do yourself a favour and be a part of a growing healthy supportive community here in Seacliff.
You have to do the work to be Stronger, Happier and healthier but you don’t have to do it alone.

Everything you need is here
so what are you waiting for?

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

planned workouts

Coffee Bean

informative workshops

Everything is here ready for you, the accountability you need and get from your coach, planned workouts so you don’t have to think or worry about what to do when you get here and regular informative workshops so you are always learning and growing

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Morning workouts

5.15 am Tuesday and Thursday

6.15am Monday to Friday

7.15am Monday to Friday

9.15am Monday to Friday

8am Saturday

9am Saturday

Evening workouts

5.30pm Monday to Friday

6.30pm Monday to Thursday



0455 485 099


Kauri Community and Sports Centre,
corner of Kauri Parade and Schofield Road,
Seacliff, South Australia