Benefits of small group training

Fitness training in a small group gives you the personal attention you need to reach your goals, at a fraction of the cost of personal training. It is fun, yet challenging, in a supportive, community environment.

If you struggle to get motivated, or are bored with your current fitness regime, small group training can offer the following benefits to make your training more enjoyable and effective:

Fitness training in a small group means that the trainer can give you more personal attention to ensure that you are performing the exercises safely and effectively, with correct form. The trainer will also be able to give you individualised instruction and suggest regression or progression exercises as appropriate. The small group size allows the trainer to get to know you, your capabilities, and your goals. They can encourage you to push yourself that bit harder, or give you cues to improve your technique and ensure you receive all the help you need.

Working out in a group is fun. The social aspect of small group training can change the way you view working out – you can share in both the struggle and success of working out. Many small group fitness clubs pride themselves on the community they build, making lasting, supportive friendships amongst their members. Additional challenges and excursions also add to the fun and sense of camaraderie.

Training with a small group of like-minded people will give you motivation and accountability to achieve your health and fitness goals. Working out with other people increases your accountability making you more likely to attend the training sessions to get the results you are looking for. Making friends and being part of a team also helps you to keep coming back for more, whether it is the friendly competition that drives you, or the supportive and encouraging environment.

The workouts are designed by fitness professionals who evolve the program to suit the groups progress and goals. This results in a wide variety of training sessions combining the best of many different forms of training to build strength, mobility and fitness.

Most people start small group training to lose weight and don’t consider the other benefits of improving their fitness and wellbeing. As you begin to move better and feel stronger, your energy, confidence and happiness levels will also increase.


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