Best shoes for small group and cross training

All the fancy training shoes out there to choose from, but which are the best for you?

Shock absorbers in the heals, super lightweight, elastic laces, breathable synthetic leather, reflective materials, removable insoles……. The list goes on and on how on earth can you decide which is right for you?

Before I give my advice, I’d just like to let you know that I’m not a doctor or a podiatrist but I am an experienced health and fitness coach and the safety and wellbeing of my clients is very important. I am giving this advice after experimenting with different types of shoe and studying posture and the effect your footwear has on it both positively and negatively.

The feet have in the region of 200,000 nerve endings per sole that can send information up through the spine about what we are walking on, allowing our core muscles to make adjustments in your posture so you may move around safely, so no wonder we see twisted knees and rolled ankles in runners with those big cushion soles.

Now also consider the elevated heel of most training/running shoes allowing you to move around with very little ankle flexion, maybe one of the reasons for achilleas tendon injuries? 🤔

Before I press on, this advice is for you if you are looking for the right type of footwear for fitness classes where you will be jumping, squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling and sprinting in very short bursts, footwear for long distance (which I advise against) running would require a different type of shoe.


Vivobarefoot Obsidian

I have a couple of pairs of shoes made by Vivobarefoot and these are one of them and I wear these the most. They do feel like you are wearing no shoes at all, allowing your feet to get a good feel for the surface you are moving upon. They have a wide toe box which allows your feet to spread out and being as they are made from recycled material you are being kind to the planet too 😊
You can find these at Sportitude, Adelaide store is in Fullarton 5063.


Nike Metcons

I have a couple of pairs of the Nike Metcon 4 and like the Vivobarefoot, they also come with a large toe box, although they are no longer available. You can now buy Metcon 6, unfortunately Nike has started adding arch support and heal lift so if you can find Metcon 4 shoes go for it. You can however get custom Metcon 6 from the Nike online store and take out the heal lift along with that you can customise the colour.


New Balance (Vibram) minimus 10v1 Trail

I have always liked New Balance as their shoes often come with a choice of width,  like the Metcons they are a good place to start if you are moving away from the spongey foam type shoe.

These shoes allow your feet to get a good feel of the ground with a good grip and the soles are very flexible.

Although this New Balance shoe is now hard to find in Australia I would recommend most shoes with the Vibram branding.

You can purchase here at New Balance


Converse Chuck Taylors

You can find these both in high top (boot) and low top (shoe) design and these used to be a budget shoe but increased popularity has seen the price go up to around $130 a pair.
They are worth considering if you can get for under $100 bucks but otherwise I’d pick one of the above shoes.


I hope my list gives you some help in choosing your next shoe and as a passing thought, if you are concerned that you may need shock absorbers for landing those box jumps.. let me ask you a question………………… what do you think your legs and core are for?


Happy Shopping 😀😎

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