Our Classes

You can come to as many fitness classes as you want

All workouts are limited to 6 participants.
Keeping the number as low as this helps us to help you better.
Our screens show you the exercise that you are performing so that the coach can focus on your technique so that you workout safely and effectively
Like many bootcamps no two workouts are ever the same and there is always a warm up and a cool down/stretch at the end

Strength In Movement

Ape is a mixture of mobility and strength exercises focusing on primal movement patterns. Leaning towards bodyweight exercises, the aim of this class is to help you improve your balance and core function. Especially for people who experience tightness in their hips, shoulders or lower back, to keep you active for longer. This class will increase the range of motion of your joints by twisting, stretching and aligning your body.

Feel awesome by moving your body the way it’s meant to

Fundamentals Workshops

Look out for these workshops when they drop into the schedule as they fill up fast.
Great for beginners that need that extra help to move better and need to learn how to safely and effectively perform specific exercises.
Core workshops focus on rebuilding core strength and coordination that we first developed from infancy but lost maybe due to a sedentary lifestyle or injury.
Mobility workshops address lost/reduced joint mobility because of an old injury and a sedentary lifestyle.
Technique workshops are tutorials based on specific movements and exercises anything from how to do push ups correclty to deadlift tutorials.


Reach your peak and increase your cardio vascular capacity. This class is all about keeping moving, getting your heart rate up and staying there as long as you can. With long work sets and smaller rest breaks, you will burn fat away.

This class has been designed so that little equipment is required, this will help keep you quickly moving from one exercise to the next.

Keep an eye on that Myzone screen and make sure you reach your Peak


This is your big power class, with as you’d expect lots of ballistic movements and exercises that will increase your explosive power.

This class is not only great for the amatuer sports person but for those who want to mix up their fat burning training